gardengirll asked: Hi sexy ass fuck face! 💋

Oh tru👑
Adore ur blog btw


Anonymous asked: Can we be friends on kik and snapchat?

Hellz to the yeah :)

Anonymous asked: The feeling when no one wants me around is the worst thing

I want you around, be my friend

Anonymous asked: Hey maybe you could give me some advice. There is a guy that I have liked for a very long time and he has a girlfriend but they are always on and off. He really wants to hook up with me and I'm not sure what I should do because I want to hook up with him also?

Don’t get yourself put in a bad situation. Wait until he’s completely broken up with his girl before you do anything.

my-princesscum asked: Holy mother of goddess I hope you don't mind me saying your body is beautiful.

Thank you❤️


Sex blog here

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How about 1. You don’t delete my captions and 2. You don’t promote your lame ass blog on my pics. Okay? Okay 😅

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r-j-d-1 asked: So I realize some people may have taken exception to the phrase "...rape my face." Okay, apologies for coming across as a prick or insensitive. The point I was trying to make is I love it when a chick aggressive fucks my mouth with her vagina and squeezes my head between her thighs. Again, sorry for the poor phraseology. Love your blog.

Okay lol..

Anonymous asked: I won't to do porn anybody u know I can hook up with

Do I look like a matchmaking site to you? Like idk man put yourself out there.

slaveowner71 asked: Hello whore :)


Anonymous asked: if im grabbing your ass, your gonna know it and im going to leave a mark

Yes please 😍😍


Or Nah Remix

I will never understand his hair

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